Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Alston Purvis Poster

Two wrongs don't make a right, but what about twenty? This poster, designed to promote a lecture by renowned graphic design historian Alston Purvis at Montserrat College of Art, was a chance to finally throw together all those 'wrong' graphic elements, from woodtype and blackletter to the Metallica logo and the restroom man. The tropical island pays homage to the other Montserrat, sprouting a fork to remind the audience that it's a lunchtime lecture, plus there are a few other silly things. And, let's not forget the gratuitous umlaut...

This limited-edition poster was designed by Maya and expertly screenprinted on financial ledger paper by Len Thomas-Vickory, co-chair of the Printmaking department at Montserrat.

In November, the poster will be exhibited at DeArt 2005, Moscow's Festival of Graphic Design and Online Art, and published in the DeArt catalog. It will also be featured in Dynamic Graphics in early 2006, in a special issue on typography.

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